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{a few photos from the photo booth}

It's no secret that my full time job is at this amazing arts school.  One of the BEST Fine Arts schools in the COUNTRY!!  I don't get to work with students one on one so when I get to do fun things like this I leave reminded of just how talented all of these young people are.  Visual Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Film and Drama majors!  So. Much. Talent!! 

While the parents were getting the students lined up we hear this amazing sound coming from the room the drama students were grouped in.  WOW!  I still get chills thinking about it.  These kids were singing!!!  And I mean, SINGING!  From their hearts.  To each other.  To everyone.  

Congratulations Class of 2016!!!  


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Let Me Introduce You.... https://www.kristamjohnson.com/blog/2016/4/let-me-introduce-you Happy Tuesday, Y'all!  

I've been a busy, busy momma here lately and haven't been able to keep up with blogging but with prom season in (and almost out of) full swing I wanted to introduce you to a pretty important person that I'm so very thankful for!  

Meet this gorgeous girl, Noel!  If you've recently gotten married, or had an event, and have seen an assistant with me it's probably her.  

This girl has a great eye!!  I'm so thankful to have her with me and helping me as I go along.   

I first met this beauty over a year ago when I had the opportunity to photograph one of my most favorite senior sessions to date ~ her big brother, Brady!

Noel and her boyfriend, Isaac, attended his senior prom this past Saturday and looked absolutely stunning together.  

I hope you both had a wonderful night together!!  

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SUNNY Photography Retreat with Ashton Kelley Photography https://www.kristamjohnson.com/blog/2016/3/obx-photographers-retreat-with-ashton-kelley-photography Recently I was given the opportunity to attend the AKP Sunny Retreat at the Outer Banks.  This retreat is the type of event that I’ve dreamed of attending since I seriously began to invest in my photography career.  For someone like me, these events aren’t usually obtainable.  I work hard during the week to support my family with my “9-5” and spend weekends squeezing in sessions between the kid’s ballgames and other activities.  As you probably know, moms don’t really get weekends.  We get days where we don’t have to punch the clock! 

Through the beauty of social media, I was able to virtually get to know some of the other attendees before we even arrived.  What an amazing group of women!  Several of us decided to carpool and never have I enjoyed a 5 hour drive as much as this one!  Often times women feel like they’re alone no matter what stage of life we’re in.  Whether we’re wives, mom, friends, siblings…we constantly feel the pressure of the world on our shoulders.  What a blessing to have this time to talk and share with others who feel the exact same way!

Photos from The Little Mermaid inspired shoot!

Now…the retreat.  Can you say amazing!  Ashton absolutely thought of everything.   From the amazing food, to the décor, down to the sessions with Amanda Hedgepeth Photography and Courtney Jones Photography.  Being mostly a self taught photographer, not only did I feel the support from the mentors in everything from editing to staging, but I also felt a sense of pride to learn that I really just might have a firm grasp on this whole photography thing!  As a photographer, I’m much more comfortable behind the camera than with the spotlight shining on me.  Well, when you’re surrounded by 16+ photographers you better put all that behind you and learn that you MUST get in front of the camera!!  I have so many new headshots from many different people.  So much fun to step out of my comfort zone.  To be surrounded by women who all were learning and bouncing ideas off each other was just what I needed to motivate me. 


Image by Ashton Kelley Photography


I can’t thank Ashton and her squad enough for this amazing opportunity.  Also, I thank my husband and other family members who supported this crazy request of mine from the beginning and took incredible care of my family while I was away.  I brought back a sense of affirmation that I am being led to the exact path where I belong.  I may never be the biggest name in the photography industry, but that’s ok!  I’ll continue to grow both personally and professionally and I assure you I will love every minute of it!

Every single lady in this photo has made an impact in my life no matter how much time we spent together.  Even for just one second; thankful. 

 Image by Ashton Kelley Photography






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Katie and Josh's Wedding https://www.kristamjohnson.com/blog/2016/3/katie-and-joshs-wedding Josh and Katie exchanged wedding vows in a beautiful, classic church ceremony that fit their personalities perfectly! The couple's friends and family tearfully watched as Katie stunned the room in a gorgeous gown that seemed to be made just for her. Every single detail of this Winston Salem wedding was well planned and executed to a tee. From the attire, the flowers and even the favor table, this wedding is one I loved! Josh and Katie are both incredibly beautiful souls who are absolutely in love. I'm so honored to have been a part of this amazing day and capture the love that radiates around them.

Once the church bell sounded Katie was escorted down the aisle by both parents to see the love of her life.  She and Josh exchanged vows, rings, and shared communion as they began their new life together.  

The newly married couple entered the reception and immediately went into their first dance to none other than Elvis Presley's song, "The Wonder of You."

The Newlyweds were sent off through many, many bubbles with Jamaica near in their view!!!  

Congratulations Katie and Josh!!


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Natalie and Joey's Engagement https://www.kristamjohnson.com/blog/2016/3/natalie-and-joeys-engagement On the most perfect vacation with his family back in August, Joey decided it was time.  With Cinderella's castle in the background he asked his very own princess to be his bride and she, of course, said Yes!  

And the wedding planning begins!!!  

Although I had known Joey for quite a while I had never met Natalie but was over the moon happy to hear of their engagement and excited to find out that I would have the honor of photographing them on their wedding day. 

After meeting Natalie I knew, without a doubt that she and Joey were meant to be together.  This couple offset each others personalities so well which is why this session was so easy and fun!!  We had a great time walking through the little town of Old Salem and then we drove into downtown Winston Salem for the remainder the afternoon. 

This November this amazing couple will say their vows in front of their family and friends in a lovely ceremony at River View Stables and I am thrilled to be there to document this day for them!!!  

Congratulations Natalie and Joey



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