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A La Carte Pricing

4x6                                $2.00
(4) wallets                         $4.00
5x7                         $10.00
8x10                          $15.00
10x13                        $18.00
10x20                        $25.00
11x14                        $25.00
16x20                        $40.00
20x30                        $65.00
24x36                      $95.00

Customized USB Flash Drive $100

 **All Downloaded Images ARE high resolution and can be printed
 up to 24x36 if not higher

**Client has 90 days to download all images from their online gallery.  After the 90 day period prints are still available for ordering, however, downloading the images are not.

**All images provided to client on DVD/Flash Drive and or downloadable gallery may be reproduced or printed by the client without restriction and without credit or additional payment to the photographer.  The photographer may also use the images for promotional or advertising purposes.
These prices do not include weddings.  Please contact Krista at 336.301.3331 or [email protected] for a quote.